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Automate composite workloads according to business policies

Eliminate manual processes

IBM Workload Automation automates, monitors and controls workflow throughout the enterprise IT infrastructure. This leading software automation tool can manage hundreds of thousands of workloads a day from a single point of control. It helps you better align IT with business objectives to improve performance and reduce costs.



Workload automation in the Cloud


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Workload Automation helps you establish an enterprise workload automation backbone by driving composite workloads with pre-packaged applications

IBM Workload Automation (SaaS) is a complete solution for workload automation hosted in the cloud. Use it to gain flexibility to drive workload on hosted servers, seamlessly with no cost of ownership for your central server. Interfaces dedicated to persons with different business focus, like application developers and operators, provide power and autonomy without having to delve into complicated details. At the same time, to handle complicated cases and deeply customized processes, they can exploit all the power and flexibility of the complete IBM Workload Automation family. Granular security rights and mobile presentation interfaces help improve the relationship between application teams and business operations as they work through different interfaces on the same model. Use Workload Automation (SaaS) to:

  • Shift investment to innovation by lowering total cost of ownership.
  • Deliver faster access to service management solutions.
  • Increase speed and efficiency with instant and ongoing scalability on the hosting platform, SoftLayer.

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Free up your time

Forget about repetitive tasks. Learn new ways to implement your processes.

Applications provide you with business value and do not require you to know about workload automation concepts, such as the flow of execution or the writing of conditions. You can create and handle such applications through tailored user interfaces. As your needs become more complex, you can add the powerful concepts of IBM Workload Automation to manage SLA dependencies.
  • Take total control over your PeopleSoft® payroll processes
  • Streamline your retail stock management processes
  • Safeguard critical data stored in your DB2 database
  • Control SAP PI communication channels
  • Build new SAP environments, faster
  • IBM Workload Scheduler Plug-in for WebSphere MQ



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Monitor Work Flows

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Workload Automation (SaaS) exploits the cloud infrastructure to help you to learn by viewing screenshots and in-depth capability videos, to explore by exercising specific scenarios by using live demos, and to try the offerings with user data through a free trial. The SaaS offering contains simple starter applications to cover immediate customer needs. These starter applications provide you with business value and do not require you to learn concepts from workload automation, such as the flow of execution or the writing of conditions. You can create and handle such applications with dedicated trimmed down interfaces. As your needs become more complex, you can learn the powerful concepts of workload automation to write business processes directly into the product. Use Workload Automation (SaaS) to address complexity challenges without any substantial up-front investment. Workload Automation (SaaS) is the solution for:

  • Agile divisions inside large Fortune 500 companies that have the autonomy to choose their solution for automation and efficiency optimizations.
  • Customers wanting to move out of a competitive solution but who are worried about the IT investment.
  • Companies with a high awareness of the value-generating part of their business that want to keep only that value-generating part, trim down all other expenses, and receive them as a service.

Optimize your business processes with flexible and scalable workload automation and job scheduling

The Value you gain

Use Workload Automation (Saas) to have:

  • Immediate access to default applications to solve common problems and learn more advanced uses.
  • No up-front CAPEX investment on hardware and software licenses and no installation and upgrade costs. Low, predictable, flat-cost model with no up-front software acquisition charges.
  • Lower skill requirements because IBM assumes the infrastructure support role.
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) due to reduced deployment, administration, training, and integration costs.
  • Ability to achieve flexibility and risk mitigation by utilizing the SaaS model as a simple trial option before moving to full on-premises adoption.
  • Enhanced time to value with a single installation and maintenance process.
  • Reduced complexity and increased convenience. IBM takes care of upkeep, patches, and upgrades, allowing clients to focus on other work and maintain a lean IT organization.
  • Faster time to value through preconfigured, rapidly deployable instances and quick start content and capabilities, as well as predefined, fixed cost implementation packages.


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