How can I run Remote Commands on Windows Servers?

Both SSH and ITM Agent communications can be used for running RunBox Tools on distributed Windows Servers in the same fashion as described for UNIX and Linux servers. SSH is not shipped natively with Microsoft Windows but is available from a variety of sources. Cygwin OpenSSH is used in the example below.

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To install the Cygwin OpenSSH Daemon on Windows download the setup executable from here. This executable enables the individual packages to be dynamically downloaded from the internet for installation. Select and install “OpenSSH” from the “net” section of the modules.

Post installation it is necessary to configure the SSH daemon. This is completed from a Cygwin terminal run as the Administrator user (right click on the "Cygwin terminal" icon and select “Run as administrator”). Run the following commands to configure and start the OpenSSH daemon:

ssh-host-config -y
cygrunsrv –start sshd

To enable SSH authentication for a specific Windows user, details of that user must be added to the “passwd” file. From the Cygwin terminal run the commands:

mkpasswd –l –u user_name >> /etc/passwd

At that point it should be possible to connect to the server using a suitable SSH client, for example putty.


RunBox Credentials

To execute a RunBox tool via SSH requires credentials for authentication purposes. OpenSSH permits Public Key authentication in the same manner as UNIX and Linux versions of the utility. Add the public key generated by RunBox to the file “<UserHomePath>/.ssh/authorization_keys” on the target server(s).


RunBox tools for Windows

In addition to native Windows commands it is possible to run scripts or command files from RunBox tools. In the example below the RunBox interpreter “VBScript” has been selected. This is a custom RunBox interpreter defined by the administrator and enables a VBScript to be called directly from a RunBox Tool.

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All RunBox Tools can be executed against groups of multiple servers. RunBox will stagger the execution, based on configured limits, displaying the progress interactively. The image below demonstrates the execution of a VBScript on multiple Windows Servers.

Note the pie chart in the top right hand corner to indicate the overall progress and success of the batch execution, the summary information for the servers that have already returned results and the green triangles to indicate the Tool is currently being executed on certain servers.

runbox-windowstools-figure05 small

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