How can I run remote commands with Tivoli?

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Since the old Tivoli Framework tools have gone out of support companies have struggled to find simple and cheap replacements for wadminep and Tivoli Tasks to execute ad-hoc commands on remote systems. RunBox is the solution. At less than $5000 RunBox allows you to create remote actions and run them through IBM Tivoli Monitoring 6 (ITM). On top of this the tools you create can be safely delegated to less skilled staff and also joined together into Tool Chains passing the output from one tool to another. Alternatively you can execute without Tivoli by using SSH or Windows remote Shell.

In this simple example after entering my ITM environment details I have discovered a number of ITM managed systems.

Now that I have done this I can create a series of tools that I want to run on these systems. These can be run as a simple command or a script. In the case of the script you can use any script type you wish (such as perl, shell or batch) but whatever you choose must exist on the system you want to run it on however RunBox will copy the script itself onto the target for you.

In this example I have created 5 Tools:

  1. ITM Home – A command to find out the CANDLEHOME on the remote system
  2. ITM Agent Type – A script to ascertain the OS type on the remote system. This takes the ITM Home output as input
  3. ITM Home Free Disk Space – A perl script that takes the input from “ITM Home” to work out the drive or filesystem that ITM is installed upon and then report the Free Megabyes.
  4. ITM Agents Status – This runs cinfo or kincinfo on the remote system using the Agent Type and Home directories as input.
  5. ITM Version – From the same commands as above this shows what the agent thinks its local version is.

Once I’m happy with my tools I can run them together in a Tool Chain (as below) or run them individually.

runbox command
runbox output small
Lastly though the use of Toolboxes and projects I can safely pass these tools to somebody else to run for me.



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