In $CANDLEHOME/config there are two files ux.config and ux.ini. Amending the ux.ini file entry for KDC_FAMILIES to

KDC_FAMILIES=ip.pipe ephemeral:y port:1918 ip use:n ip.spipe use:n sna use:n

will generate the ux.config file to always follow these rules. This will enforce the agent to ignore the port allocation formula of

reserved port = well-known port + (N*4096) where N = startup sequence

So by default, as 1918 is the well known port

  • OS Agent starts first : port 6014 (1918 + 1*4096)
  • Universal Agent starts second : port 10110 (1918 + 2*4096)

And the agent will listen on an ephemeral port range as defined by the operating system (no -a command on AIX for example). This is useful when application teams have components configured to listen on a port such as 6014 or 10110 which is not uncommon.

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