If you are installing Network Manager IP in a fail-over scenario, the NCIM database should be installed on a separate server so that it continues to be accessible in the event of a failure to the Primary ITNM server. This tip describes the process for installing a remote NCIM utilising a MySQL database:

NCIM database server.

  1. Install the Omnibus base install and copy across a platform specific version of the interfaces file **
  2. Unpack and run the ITNM 3.7 binary. The Netcool Installer will load and prompt you to accept the license agreement.
  3. Check the Custom installation radio button, and when presented with the Feature Selection menu, uncheck the Collectors option using the right click menu **
  4. Provide the required Object Server information, and then on the NCIM Database login details screen select MySQL to be installed locally. Then on the Database Schema page, select "Yes" to create the NCIM database.
  5. Accept the defaults on the next page, and then specify the name of your Primary ITNM domain on the following screen. When prompted for the Webtop datasource, provide the name of your Primary objectserver, and then accept all remaining defaults to install the product.

Primary ITNM server

Once the NCIM server has successfully installed, repeat the steps above on the ITNM server to initiate a custom installation.

  1. When displayed with the Feature selection screen, unselect the Web Applications packages ** and click next.
  2. As above, enter the name of your Primary Object server.
  3. Once the NCIM database login screen is displayed, select MySQL but change the Host to be that of the NCIM server.
  4. Select Next, and choose "No" on the NCIM DB schema creation page.
  5. When prompted, provide the name of the Primary ITNM domain (as used on the NCIM install above). Accept the remaining defaults and start the install.
  6. Once the installation has completed, the success can be assumed if no warning is displayed, although this can be confirmed by reviewing the installer logs ($NCHOME/logs/install), notably the ncp_domain_create.log which will illustrate the application of the schemas.
  7. Assuming the installation was successful, start ncp_ctrl and launch the ITNM administrator pages from the NGF. The specified domain should now be available.
  8. Repeat the same steps for the Backup ITNM server, passing the name of the failover domain when prompted.
  9. Finally, relaunch the ITNM installer on the NCIM server, and uncheck the Core Components option in the Feature Selection screen. This will uninstall that component whilst leaving the MySQL database intact.

The two ITNM domains are now configured to use the remote NCIM database. All that remains is to update the Object Server with the ITNM new fields, configure CtrlServices for the Virtual Domain and to update the ncwdatasourceDefinitions.xml file to use a Virtual ObjectServer if configured.

** assumes best practice of installing the NGF (Webtop and Topoviz) on the same server as the NCIM DB.

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