Operating SystemType Code
AIX R4.1 aix4
AIX R4.2 aix42
AIX R4.2.0 aix420
AIX R4.2.1 aix421
AIX R4.3 aix43
AIX R4.3.3 aix433
AIX R5.1 (32 bit) aix513
AIX R5.1 (64 bit) aix516
AIX R5.2 (32 bit) aix523
AIX R5.2 (64 bit) aix526
AIX R5.3 (32 bit) aix533
AIX R5.3 (64 bit) aix536
HP-UX R10.01/10.10 hp10
HP-UX R10.20 hp102
HP-UX R11 (32 bit) hp11
HP-UX R11 (64 bit) hp116
HP-UX R11 Integrity (32 bit) hpi113
HP-UX R11 Integrity (64 bit) hpi116
Linux Intel R2.2 li622
Linux Intel R2.2 (32 bit) li6223
Linux Intel R2.4 li624
Linux Intel R2.4 GCC 2.9.5 (32 bit) li6242
Linux Intel R2.4 (32 bit) li6243
Linux Intel R2.4 GCC 2.9.5 (64 bit) li6245
Linux Intel R2.4 (64 bit) li6246
Linux Intel R2.6 GCC 2.9.5 (32 bit) li6262
Linux Intel R2.6 (32 bit) li6263
Linux Intel R2.6 GCC 2.9.5 (64 bit) li6265
Linux Intel R2.6 (64 bit) li6266
Linux S390 R2.2 ls322
Linux S390 R2.2 (32 bit) ls3223
Linux S390 R2.2 (64 bit) ls3226
Linux S390 R2.4 ls324
Linux S390 R2.4 GCC 2.9.5 (32 bit) ls3242
Linux S390 R2.4 (32 bit) ls3243
Linux S390 R2.4 GCC 2.9.5 (64 bit) ls3245
Linux S390 R2.4 (64 bit) ls3246
Linux S390 R2.6 GCC 2.9.5 (32 bit) ls3262
Linux S390 R2.6 (32 bit) ls3263
Linux S390 R2.6 GCC 2.9.5 (64 bit) ls3265
Linux S390 R2.6 (64 bit) ls3266
Linux AMD64 R2.4 (32 bit) lx8243
Linux AMD64 R2.4 (64 bit) lx8246
Linux AMD64 R2.6 (32 bit) lx8263
Linux AMD64 R2.6 (64 bit) lx8266
Linux ia64 R2.4 (64 bit) lia246
Linux ia64 R2.6 (64 bit) lia266
Linux ppc R2.4 (64 bit) lpp246
Linux ppc R2.6 (32 bit) lpp263
Linux ppc R2.6 (64 bit) lpp266
MVS mvs
Digital UNIX osf1
OS/2 os2
OS/400 os400
Solaris R2.4 sol24
Solaris R2.5 sol25
Solaris R2.6 sol26
Solaris R7 (32 bit) sol273
Solaris R7 (64 bit) sol276
Solaris R8 (32 bit) sol283
Solaris R8 (64 bit) sol286
Solaris R9 (32 bit) sol293
Solaris R9 (64 bit) sol296
Solaris R10 (32 bit) sol503
Solaris R10 (64 bit) sol506
Solaris R10 Opteron (32 bit) sol603
Solaris R10 Opteron (64 bit) sol606
Tandem Itanium (64 Bit) ta6046
Tandem MIPS (64 Bit) tv6256
Tru64 V5.0 tsf50
Tivoli Enterprise Management Server product support tms
Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server product support tps
Tivoli Enterprise Portal Desktop Client product support tpd
Tivoli Enterprise Portal Browser Client product support tpw
Common Code unix
WINNT winnt

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