Granular inventory insights and always-on asset management enhances license compliance

IEM patches

IBM® Bigfix (formerly Endpoint Manager) for Software Use Analysis identifies licensed and unlicensed software with in-depth granularity.

The solution correlates the inventory data it gathers with its built-in Software Identification Catalog to create an inventory data warehouse. The Software Identification Catalog simplifies the identification of specific software installations with information on 5,000 publishers, 5,000 software products and more than 105,000 application signatures out of the box. Continually updated via a cloud-based update service with information on commercial applications and publishers, the catalog is also easily customisable to include tracking of home grown and proprietary applications.

This allows companies to gain visibility of their software license usage while reducing the amount of time and effort required to generate reports that show compliance and overall software usage. The solution enables significant benefits including the ability to more accurately plan software budgets based on inventory and usage trends.

The solution can also help facilitate planning. For example, when organisations are migrating from Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2010, Tivoli Endpoint Manager can help administrators quickly determine which endpoints meet the prerequisites, and which endpoints need hardware upgrades such as added RAM.

Software asset and license management

Enables users to create and manage information about software contracts and product licenses to ensure licensing compliance. Users can browse data about software licenses and compare this information with inventory information in order to audit license compliance and determine related financial implications of noncompliance.


Visibility into any asset

The solution can gain visibility into any computing device across topologies in a heterogeneous environment and regardless of connection state—whether on the corporate network or connected via the Internet.

Software inventory and analysis

The inventory and analysis function provides a constantly updated inventory that drills down into software asset information, providing aggregated statistics and usage gathered by searching, filtering, sorting, viewing and exporting data on potentially thousands of computer properties. Automation and speed of operations enable IT organizations to radically reduce the number of hours and resources spent on inventory activities.


Rapid installation and implementation

A robust platform designed for speed as well as intelligence means that installation throughout the entire enterprise takes only hours. Traditional solutions, by contrast, often can require months or even longer. Once installation is complete, “always on” inventory captures software status and changes in near real time, boosting time to value for low total cost of ownership.


Ongoing analysis and reporting

Because the solution’s asset monitoring takes place continuously, administrators and financial analysts can generate the reports they need when they need them. Real-time reporting, based on the IBM Endpoint Manager Analytics platform, can deliver information on the health and compliance of software assets in minutes—regardless of the size of the environment.


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