With any upgrade there are many questions that need to be answered before you can decide to proceed:

  • What are the business benefits of Netcool/OMNIbus?
  • What functional benefits will be achieved?
  • Will new hardware infrastructure be needed?
  • Can all the existing sources of event data be migrated?
  • And most importantly how much will it cost to migrate?

Orb Data has helped a number of clients answer these questions and you can benefit from our experience through a fixed-price review offering.

Fixed Price Review

The Review involves 3 days of on-site consultancy, during which our specialist will work with your staff to gather information about:

  • Architectural changes required and any new hardware infrastructure needed
  • High-availability options
  • Current event-sources and changes needed
  • Rule migration changes
  • Visual changes - i.e. console migration and possible enhancements
  • Event enrichment options

Using this data-gathering phase as input, the Consultant will then produce a report documenting findings and recommendations which will be presented back to you. The Documentation phase will take an additional 2 days resulting in a 5 day total engagement.


The TEC to Netcool/OMNIbus Report will detail the findings of the discussions, recommending the solution architecture and an outline project plan for the upgrade. Documentation will include:

  • Architecture changes between the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console and Netcool OMNIbus
    • Hardware requirements
    • The possible uses of Hot-Standby
    • Hierarchical architecture
  • Visual Changes
    • OMNIbus consoles alignment to the TEC Console
    • Possible enhancements
  • Current event-sources and changes needed
    • All the current event-sources, and how these methods can be migrated to the new architecture, will be documented
    • If State Correlation is used, this will be analysed to understand where this logic can be applied in the new solution
  • Rule migration changes
    • The TEC Server rulebase and any TEC Gateway State Correlation Engines will be analysed and documented
    • From this data, a table will be created showing:
      • Each rule and how it can be mapped against standard OMNIbus functionality
      • Rules that are no longer need
      • Rules that may need Netcool Impact to function as before
  • Customisation and Reporting
    • Current customisation and reports will be documented and map to the Netcool/OMNIbus solution
  • Event Source Migration
    • Identification of events sources that need reconfiguration
    • Identification of event source that require an upgrade, for example to the Netcool/OMnibus Logfile Agent
  • Project Plan
    • Finally, a technical project plan will be written identifying the timescales for the upgrade

This report is designed as the spring board for a successful upgrade to Netcool/OMNIbus. This is a journey that Orb Data has successfully completed before, and has the expertise to help you complete with the minimum of disruption and risk.

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