Version 8.6 of Tivoli Workload Scheduler now provides a web interface for mobile devices which gives you the capability to monitor the status of your batch jobs while away from the office. The installation of this feature is included in the install of the Dynamic Workload Console so no further configuration is needed. What devices are supported ? You can access the IBM TWS Dashboard from the standard browser on the following devices :- Iphone Ipod Touch Ipad Android based devices version 2.2 Blackberry OS 5.0 IOS based devices

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How do I access the Console ?

Connect to this URL  https://host_name:31116/IBM/TWSWebUI/dash.jsp

Log in using your Tivoli Integrated Portal credentials.

Select the engine that you want to see in the dashboard

Jobs Search Window

From the Main Batch window you also have the ability to search for a particular Job.

During my testing I couldn’t get the normal TWS search pattern wildcards to work but you are able to pinpoint the particular job or set of jobs using a subset of the characters you want to return. ( ie START )

Once you have found your job you can then select it and drill down to the next level which is Job Details.

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Job Details

The Job Details window provides most of the information you would like to find out about a job ( ie Status , Scheduled Time and Dependencies )

Email Job Details

The Job Details Window also gives you the ability to email this information which is quite a cool feature and also has the URL to view the Job Log.

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Log Window

The Job Log gives you access to view the standard error and standard output from the particular job and also has a filter feature which could be useful in some circumstances.


I have to say I was really impressed with how easy and useable all the features provided by this new console are to use my initial concern was that the iPhone I was testing this on would be too small, but with the normal ability to zoom in and out this proved no problem at all.

I would guess on a larger device like a Ipad then this would further improve the use of this interface.

Hopefully with future releases of TWS more features will be added as I think this will prove an invaluable tool for the Batch Operator and Management while away from the office.

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